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  “The projects we receive at Developer Factory are real time projects
that will be rolled out for public use so the exposure truly is of great magnitude..."
Vincent Mosebekoa

“The Developer Factory does not only give you the opportunity to put your foot in
the door but it allows you to open and explore what’s behind this door called the IT industry. ...”
Merlin Ferreira

“Working with the Magic software platform has been an exciting and fun experience.
I now understand how to support a range of deployment modes from a single development structure.".
Felicity Nkosi

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  The Apprentices are given projects from clients and
in the process, they learn new programmes.

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Take a tour How do we improve the quality of skilled people in the IT sector of South Africa?
How do we become internationally competitive?
The Developer Factory is achieving this through our practical experience and focused skills transfer approach.

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  Our Apprentices are ready to                   
rock ‘n roll into their new positions              
from the first day. Hit the ground           
running is what we say.      

Take your pick; we have an incredible   
list of Apprentices who have   
extended technical skills and  
fantastic interpersonal skills.  

Professional career assessments  
conducted throughout the programme   
where we pinpoint the career   
potential as well as the career    
interests of the Apprentice.     

Do you have low priority          
projects for our Apprentices             
to work on? If so,                  
give them a go.                    

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Recently Graduated?
You’ve come to the right spot
We’ll help equip you with real skills
needed for the big bad world.
Make some cash while you’re at it.

We give you the opportunity to learn more about
yourself within a work environment while you gain invaluable experience and knowledge.

Opportunity to work on real projects, this is the time to let
your talent shine through.

Opportunity to rub shoulders with experienced IT
professionals and potential employers, awesome isn’t it?
Watch your communication and interaction skills come
out. Don’t worry; we’re here to assist you with this.

Meet people on the same wavelength,
super networks to be created for
future business.
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