Vincent Name: Vincent
Surname: Mosebekoa
Location: Johannesburg
Status: Recruited
Date started: 4 March 2013
End period: 12 June 2013


My experience thus far on the Developer Factory program:
Hello everyone, my name is Vincent and I’m an alcoholic . . .lol, joking. I’m actually an intern at one of the greatest software development firms I know, what differentiates Developer Factory from other firms is the fact that they emphasise creativity in a work place, we work in what I like to call an artistic environment where we not confirmed to normal procedural operations, well of cause there are certain procedures we have to adhere to but I mean what organisation would work without them.

I’m currently interning as an Android Developer which for me is very exciting as I lead a team of Android Developers when I was still studying IT(Software Development) at Varsity College in Durban, knowing that I’m given an opportunity to excel and express myself with Android really is an honour that I’m thankful for not to mention the opportunity for exposure into the Software Development industry.

The projects we receive at Developer Factory are real time projects that will be rolled out for public use so the exposure truly is of great magnitude, as Android developers the Apps we develop and complete successfully are put up on the Google Play store which is very cool but also means that apart from the breezy, chilled out atmosphere, the work that we do here is taken very seriously for the sake of our learning and progression within the industry.

During my first month in Developer Factory I developed and completed my first Android App as part of the Developer Factory team and currently nearing the completion of my second and I’m still as happy as I was the first day I got here.

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