Tiaan Name: Felicity
Surname: Nkosi
Location: Johannesburg
Status: Recruited
Date started: 3 September 2012
End period: 3 October 2012


My experience thus far on the Developer Factory program:
Working with the Magic software platform has been an exciting and fun experience. I now understand how to support a range of deployment modes from a single development structure. I like how it not only caters to .Net framework-based deployment but also native deployment. Once I got the hang of the GUI, I was able to start developing applications and projects and working through the environment and incorporate extended logic, security, Unicode, expressions and so much more to my projects.

It is great learning and working with all these components. I have learnt so much already in my 4weeks here.

The workplace environment itself is great because everyone around you is dedicated and diligent to what they do.

This motivates me to be always focused also.


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