The Developer Factory is a company based in sunny South Africa with a vision and mission to develop IT skills in South Africa.

Our programme gives Apprentices the confidence required to shine within a work environment by assisting them in enhancing their interactions, job performance and career prospects.

Our Apprentices are given the opportunity to work on real projects while being in a work environment where communication and active participation are key components.
Our objectives are:
  • Bridging the gap between academic and real-world.

  • Enhance the Apprentice’s soft skills, job performance and career prospects.

  • Build IT skills to satisfy the growing demand.

  • Improve the calibre of skilled people entering the job market.


We want to nurture IT specialists and give them the confidence to be able to enter the job market with genuine skills and experience.

Our Apprentices adopt our work culture and are more able to successfully tackle any task as efficiently and cost effectively as possible.

    Make an even greater success of your life, join the Developer Factory.

              We make good candidates great Apprentices.
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